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Installation Shot
Installation Shot, 'Folklore' solo exhibition at Arlington Arts Center, November 2 - December 22, 2013

'Folklore' is an exploration of a personal history using information culled from a variety of sources including family members, newspapers, the internet, and personal memories. Using these snippets as departure points, Bilonick creates a coming of age story - presenting pieces that blur the line between truth and fantasy.

The artist compares the United States’ complicated relationship with Panama to her own complicated relationship with Panama having grown up in the US with one parent residing there. The artists also highlights a more peaceful relationship between her two parents under the Carter administration.

Bilonick utilizes a variety of mediums including printmaking, sculpture, and native folk art traditions from Panama. The exhibition’s title, 'Folklore', refers to the mythological quality of memories, and how over time a story or memory of a particular incident can morph and change each time it is told. The word 'folklore', although pronounced differently, is also spelled the same in both English and Spanish.